The Edgefield C. Johnston Duo (2016)

1. Chasing Ghosts

2. Tennessee Waltz In 4/4 Time Duo

Mixtape 1: Saying Goodbye (2017)

1. Chasing Ghosts

​2. Hackneyed Curs In Search Of Golden Pasture

3. Stripper

4. Gratitude Prayer #1

5. Being Of No Consequence

6. Words Not Hooks

​7. Untitled #4 For KM


"One of my favorite new discoveries this year!"

-Ryan Mifflin, No Depression

"Edgefield C. Johnston's writing is inventive and unapologetic."

-Ryan Spearman, KDHX Local Artist Spotlight

Northside Refugees (2012)

(accompanied by The Known Haterz)

1. Meet Me In The Ground

2. Wounded Wing

3. O'Seerin Birthday Song (Honne Wells)

4. Button Made Of Stone

5. Thanks Fr Everything & Nothin (Scum)

6. Ashes Of Dawn (Endgame Serenade #1)

7. Take What You Get

Ghost Town Boogie: The Songs of John Joseph Scum etc., vol. I (2014)

1. A Way Across The Land

2. No Good Friday

3. Tennessee Waltz In 4/4 Time

4. Quick Comeback Kid

5. Staggering Waltz